About Us

SHIV SHANKAR EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE SOCIETY pursues the world’s most important value – equality – and works to end the injustice of caste discrimination. By so doing, the Foundation works for the whole of human kind.

Its deep commitment to social justice and human rights for all. In the best tradition of Philanthropy, the SHIV SHANKAR EDUCATIONAL & WELFARE SOCIETY engages and assists the most marginalised peoples.

SHANKAR is a tittle the so called lower castes of india use to describe themselves.the caste system divides Indian society into groups ranked by ritual status determined by birth and governed by principles of ritual purity & pollution.each caste is associated with a traditional occupation.

The castes defined now as ‘SHANKAR’ is the ladder and forced to undertake the most degrading of occupations, such as manual scavenging the removal of human exceta with rudimentary broom and pan these castes are considered so impure that even their touch is defiling and they are subjected to the most extreme manifestation of caste discrimination, untouchability.

While the provide of untouchability has been constitutionally abolished,it is still rampant in many part of india and dalit continue to suffer routine exploitation and humiliation at the hands of the dominant castes.traditionally associated with some caste has become intrinsic to Indian society. It is no longer just religious phenomenon but a social one too. SHANKAR communities have as a result been systematically pushed to the margins of society not only have poverty and deprivation followed as the inevitable result,but the lives of SHANKAR have been striped of dinitgy as well.